Why Ceiling Recessed Light Should “NOT” be used in Bedrooms ?

May 22nd, 2023

Ceiling recessed lights can be used in bedrooms, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the type of lighting for your bedroom. Here are some reasons why some people may prefer not to use ceiling recessed lights in bedrooms:

  1. Harsh lighting: Recessed lights typically produce a strong, direct light that can be quite harsh, especially if they are not dimmable. This type of lighting may not be ideal for creating a relaxing and cozy ambiance in a bedroom, where softer, more diffused lighting is often desired.
  2. Glare and shadows: Recessed lights can create glare or shadows on the ceiling or walls, particularly if they are not properly positioned or if the room has low ceilings. Glare can be bothersome when you’re trying to relax or sleep, and harsh shadows can be aesthetically unappealing.
  3. Limited lighting options: Recessed lights offer limited flexibility in terms of adjusting the lighting direction or changing the beam spread. They provide a fixed downward illumination, which may not be sufficient for various activities in the bedroom, such as reading or getting dressed.
  4. Energy efficiency: Recessed lights, especially when used in large numbers, can consume a significant amount of energy. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency and want to minimize your carbon footprint, you might consider alternative lighting options that are more energy-efficient.

While these points highlight potential drawbacks, it’s important to note that personal preferences and individual room characteristics play a significant role in lighting choices. Some people may still prefer the sleek and minimalist look of recessed lights in their bedrooms, or they may find ways to address the potential issues mentioned above through careful positioning, dimming options, or the use of additional lighting fixtures. Ultimately, the choice of lighting should align with your specific needs and preferences for comfort, ambiance, and functionality in the bedroom.