L80 B10 Standard in LED

June 23rd, 2023

L80B10 is a standard used to measure the lifespan of LED lighting products. It represents the expected lifetime of an LED in terms of its lumen maintenance.

The “L80” part of the standard indicates that the LED is expected to maintain at least 80% of its initial lumen output over its lifespan. This means that after a certain number of hours of use, typically specified by the manufacturer, the LED will still emit 80% of its original brightness.

The “B10” portion refers to the percentage of LEDs that are expected to fail before reaching the specified lumen maintenance level. In the case of B10, it means that 10% of the LEDs in a given batch or sample are expected to fail before reaching 80% lumen maintenance.

So, when you see L80B10 mentioned for an LED product, it indicates that the manufacturer expects the LED to maintain at least 80% of its brightness over its lifetime, and only up to 10% of the LEDs are anticipated to fail before reaching that level.