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The brand Luxerus is a high end lighting & rugs solutions provider company.

Light is a form of energy, a certain portion of which is visible to the eye and is responsible for our ability of vision. Light radiates from a point and symbolically represents positivity and the start of something NEW.

The brand aims at becoming a one – stop – shop for luxury lighting & rugs. The company being a solution based platform, the customer – brand relationship plays a vital role. This relation of the customer with the company is where we arrived at our concept- from the way the name of the brand was formed – LUXURY+US i.e. LUXERUS.

Even the company’s logo is a visually divided by colour into the comprising words. An emphasis is placed on ‘US’ to show that when a customer thinks of luxury lighting, LUXERUS comes first to mind. This also highlights the value that the brand holds for its customers.

Luxerus is young name in Lighting Industry with HQ in Mumbai established in 2015. A very dynamic Company catering all kind of lighting solutions. We are lighting professionals having cumulative experience of more than 40 years. Right now we have got presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Indore and Bhopal.

Luxerus is an organization formed to transform the lighting & interior industry by setting up superior standards through a formidable combination of Innovation, Technology and Engineering – a blend that would make an exceptional and unmatched value proposition to the clients.

The idea to incorporate Luxerus is to provide world class lighting brands to the Indian Consumer at very lucrative price. Over a period of time we realised the utter need of good lighting solution Company which can cater solutions as per customer’s local need rather than just selling international products.

Luxerus focuses on creating sprightly, human centric, enjoyable and visually comfortable environment thru providing right lighting solution from the gamut of international lighting brands it represents.

In short span of time Luxerus has become the favourite Indoor, Architectural and Outdoor lighting partner for many prestigious residential and commercial projects.


A better energy saving world for the upcoming generation.


The main motto of Luxerus is to provide top quality, energy saving lighting solutions with continuous up gradation to latest technology and sharing it with the consumer.

Lighting Solutions

Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Hotel Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Retail Lighting